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Dual Network Formation

The remote back haul, dual network system is shown in this simulation done to test dual network formation and operation. The simulation begins with the deployment of sensors around 3 previously linked infrastructure nodes. The first network operates between the infrastructure nodes at high speed (100 kb/s) to support the rapid movement of data from many sensors. The infrastructure nodes and the links between them are shown in red. The second network operates at lower speed (2400 b/s) between the sensors and the infrastructure nodes. The lower speed allows for greater range and foliage penetration to the ground deployed sensor systems. Sensors are shown in yellow. Sensor to infrastructure links are shown in yellow and sensor to sensor links are shown in gray. Data passes from one network to the other at the infrastructure nodes, which operate in both networks. The dual network routing cost function prefers to route traffic along the infrastructure backbone, but uses sensor to sensor links when they are the only available choice.



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