Fantastic Data

Fantastic Data develops advanced communication protocols for cooperative systems. Where today’s communication systems require central management, our wireless protocols allow intelligent devices to directly interact with each other without central management or control. We use peer-to-peer information sharing technology to provide unique communication solutions.

Applications include:

Mesh Networks
Cooperative Sensor Systems
Unattended Operation
Low Power Systems
Reliable Networks

The Cooperative Network philosophy is a new way of implementing networks. It enables new classes of networks and communication capability. Our technology revolutionizes network deployment, operations, and performance.

Fantastic Data performs custom research and product development for a variety of government and commercial clients. While we are willing to investigate just about any technical problem, we specialize in solving intractable communication problems. Do you have too much data? Or too little capacity? Or a really poor communication channel? We will investigate and solve your problem, either applying our existing cooperative network technology or inventing new technology, as required.


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